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US: Search For Hikers Leads To $25000 In Marijuana


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COLUMBIA RIVER GORGE, Ore. -- While searching for two missing hikers in the Columbia River Gorge, deputies stumble upon $25,000 in marijuana.

Multnomah County deputies said the pair called for help around 7 p.m. Saturday from the Angel rest area near Bridal Veil in the Columbia River Gorge. The hikers, who have not been identified, apparently had fallen into a creek and were wet and tired.

The county's search and rescue team responded and brought along some of the group's teenage volunteers. As the teens were searching the area, deputies said they discovered four men with duffle bags. The men dropped their bags and ran, according to police. When the teen volunteers investigated the bags, deputies said they found $25,000 worth of marijuana. The discovery forced the deputies to temporarily suspend the search for the missing hikers and begin looking for the men. When the men could not be immediately located, deputies resumed the search for the missing hikers, who have not been located as of 5 a.m. Sunday.

Deputies told FOX 12 that the two hikers are not dressed for the cold weather, but that the conditions have been clear and dry.

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Brilliant! Two missing hikers call for help - wet, tired, not dressed for the conditions. The county suspends the search for the innocent hikers to chase these men. Let the hikers die, if necessary, to try to track down some pot growers. Justice?

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I find it amusing how they justified putting off the search..."conditions have been clear and dry". What if one of the hikers had been injured badly with time critical consequences? A felony collar as against a life.
Yes, a very pointed article! We have much to achieve, to educate idiots like this.


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I know right, mauled by a bear for all we know. On top of it all we will never hear about the fate of these two hikers.

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Finding lost hikers do not line law enforcements' budgets like finding growers whom their property and funds can be confiscated. As always, money motivates police, not serving and protecting.
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