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DC - Capitol Police had to look the other way while Irvin Rosenfeld lit up a fat doobie outside the Cannon House Office Building on Wednesday. Rosenfeld is one of seven patients in the United States who is legally exempt from federal law prohibiting possession of controlled substances and, therefore, can toke up just about anytime, anywhere.

Rosenfeld, who has a debilitating bone condition, joined television talk show host Montel Williams, who has multiple sclerosis, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher ( R-Calif. ) and other Members at a news conference to introduce the States Rights to Medical Marijuana Act. The event was coordinated by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Bruce Mirken, a spokesman for MPP, said none of the police officers bothered Rosenfeld while he smoked his joint. ( Among other things, the proposed legislation would protect medical marijuana patients from arrest. )

But Rohrabacher wasn't taking any chances. He didn't want any of his fingerprints on the pot. He even refused to hold a can of prescription marijuana cigarettes for a photo op. "I can't accept a gift that may be worth more than $50," he explained dryly to HOH.

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