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Use a grow tent or just white walls of the room?


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I've been wondering. If I have a room that I plan to use for growing, and it had the recommended flat white paint on the walls, would that be better or worse than a large grow tent that takes up most of the room?

Seems redundant to put a tent in a room if you plan to use the whole room anyhow.

If someone is only using part of a room then the tent is obviously better, because you can then control light and dark times easily, but I wonder how a tent compares to flat white walls.


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Well, I'll offer my 2 cents... If you can dedicate the whole room I definitely prefer flat white paint. As far as light goes it's roughly 80% reflective, keeping things clean is easier, seeing in your room is easier with flat white walls rather than the silvery color of the grow tents...hell, setting up everything is easier, and you'll have less heat issues using the whole room than you will with a tent, and to top it all off, it's cheaper to buy a can of paint than a grow tent!

Just thought of some more:

Getting to you plants is easier...

Moving plants around is easier...

You'll have more room for things like oscillating fans, carbon filters, etc...

If I don't hurry up and submit this I'm sure I'll keep thinking of reasons I don't like tents unless they are absolutely necessary.:goodluck:


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Yes, I'd like to avoid a tent. Seems like an unneccessary expense, and it limits you to the size of the tent too.


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If your lights are adequate for the size of the room, then grow for it.

Prep the walls well, prime them, and paint. A super bright white (flat is best, but can be harder to clean) should be quite "reflective," but - with flat - diffuse. No glare or hot spots.

And if it's a rental, it's good practice for when you eventually move, lol.
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