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Use Of High-Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry To Detect Reported

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A range of "Herbal High" products were tested for synthetic cannabinoids (cannabinomimetics) to qualitatively determine and compare their individual and relative content. Liquid chromatography-high resolution accurate mass spectrometry was used to rapidly screen samples for a range of cannabinomimetics using mono-isotopic masses derived from the elemental composition of target analytes. A screening database of over 140 compounds was rapidly created. This approach, combined with further tandem mass spectrometric experiments, also facilitated the detection and identification of compounds for which reference materials were not available. Previously reported cannabinomimetics, including JWH-018 and CP47,497 and its homologues, were detected in varying relative proportions along with several tentatively identified unreported cannabinomimetics. In some countries, the decision has been made to include these substances within their drug control legislation, and other countries are considering similar action. The currently applied drug screening techniques are unlikely to be effective in providing scientific evidence to support their identification in seized products. The application of high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry offers a solution. In addition, the technology provides a relatively simple and quick method for screening products, building substance databases, and even identifying novel substances using a combination of accurate mass derived elemental composition and fragment ions combined with fragmentation prediction software.

Source: Use of high-resolution accurate mass spectrom... [J Anal Toxicol. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI
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