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Go green , stay lean: Some useful information

I will be updating this thread periodically , so check back for more information .


Seeds: Seeds are a great source of macro- and micro-nutrients. Get about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup a day every other day or every day , depending on how much you consume . Remember: ANYTHING IN ABUNDANCE IS BAD FOR YOU !!!

Some good examples are as follows (based on a 1/4 cup serving):
Hemp Seeds: Full Amino Acid Profile , High In Protein , Low In Saturated Fat (bad fat) , High In Unsaturated Fat (good fat) , Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , Good Source of Vitamins
Flax Seeds: Full Amino Acid Profile , High In Protein , Low In Saturated Fat (bad fat) , High In Unsaturated Fat (good fat) , Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids , Good Source of Vitamins
Pumpkin Seeds: Full Amino Acid Profile , High In Protein , Low In Saturated Fat (bad fat) , High In Unsaturated Fat (good fat) , Omega 6 fatty acids , Good Source of Vitamins.
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Re: Useful Nutrion Info


Important: Due to name change of my Q&A thread , the link is now located HERE or click my signature .

Water is great . We are made of about 70% of it . Drink at least 8 cups every day to help clean your liver , relieve dry skin , burn fat (due to your liver having to work less hard) , and many other benefits . Water is vital to overall health .

Drink a cup of fresh home brewed tea everyday . Tea helps detox the body like water , but does it in a different way . Tea is rich in antioxidants . Too much tea can cause kidney stones , but ironically green tea has a chemical which prevents kidney stones .

Fruit Juices:
Fresh , natural fruit juice not from concentrate , and natural fruit smoothies , are good sources of nutrients . Smoothies make food easier to digest and you get the most benefit from them .


Some people recommend 3 meals , others recommend splitting those meals into halves and eating 6 meals a day . Doesn't really matter as long you have a constant supply of protein , water , and food .
Protein helps keep the metabolism running at full speed to burn fat .

Low carb/high fat diet is the best . Our bodies were primarily designed to use fat as a main fuel source , so forcing the body to take in more fat than carbs forces the body to burn fat . But , you want to eat the right types of fat: Unsaturated Fats . These fats help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol) . Add in at least 50 grams of protein (for men) per day and 40 grams for women .

Different proteins digest at different rates, and here are the 2 biggest:
Whey: 10g/hour
Whey protein is from milk/dairy products
Casein: Around 3-4g/hour
Usually plant protein

If you don't find what you need here , visit my Q&A thread located here .

Sources: (I use many and based upon research this website describes everything pretty accurately)
Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis – NutritionData.com
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Re: Useful Nutrion Info

Julie Gardener has a :nicethread: chock full of information on hemp seeds , a must see Click Here :bravo:

Also , check out the industrial hemp forum located on this site , some great information is there as well .


Note: this information is very brief but covers a lot you should know .

Vegetables are the best thing for you . In fact , living a completely veagan lifestyle has many great benefits , but is not for everyone .

Anti-Estrogenic Vegetables:
Estrogen in large amounts are a leading cause of weight gain . Our animals are pumped with it along with many other hormones , making non-organic meats BAD FOR YOU . You can reduce the amount estrogen in your system by eating the following:
Celery , broccoli , mushrooms , and other cruciferous vegetables . All of these have anti-estrogenic properties and should be a huge part of anyones diet . Also , some spices like turmeric and cumin have anti-estrogenic properties as well .

A salad a day keeps the doctor away . Sound like something you've heard before ? Well eating a decent sized salad once a day greatly improves your overall health . Throw anything you can in a salad . Buy any kind of vegetable you can get your hands on , but try to switch it up every day . Although some are better than others , every vegetable has it's use . And avoid using creamy dressings , try some vinaigrettes , theres some tasty ones out there ! Or , you can make you own by adding spices you like to a mixture of Olive Oil and Vinegar , about 4 parts oil to one part vinegar .

Vegetables prevent cancer . Red vegetables like red cabbage or red peppers , or anything with a rich reddish/purple color is good for reducing the risk of cancer . Also , our beloved marijuana plant cures cancer and is the best thing out there ! Hell , eat the leaves if you want for the health benefit ;)

Beans are a great source of a non-fat high-protein low-calorie food . Eat a wide variety of them and enjoy them in soups salads or anything your mind can imagine !

Peas are great . Lots of high quality protein . Make a soup with a bunch of spices , sit back , and enjoy your product and cheers to good health !

EVOLUTION MISLEAD YOU ! A fun-fact is that the cave man's diet was actually plant based , and they didn't ever make meat a huge part of their diet . They got most of their protein by eating plants and fruits . Vegetables , although they don't show that they have a lot protein on labels , contain a lot of amino acids which are the building blocks for proteins . So chow chow down on the new "new macho food" vegetables . Steaks are obsolete in todays world .

Fruits are amazing . Tons of anti-oxidants , quick long lasting energy , and cleanses your body of toxins . When eating fruits , try to eat them an hour before or after a meal , with some water . That way , your body can focus on digesting the fruit and getting maximum effect from it .

Berries are good because they have lots of anti-oxidants , are a low-glycemic food , and give you quick energy . Also , they provide essential vitamins your body needs to metabolize fat and energy .

Some fruits , like bananas and oranges , have a high glycemic factor , but it's natural sugar so it's ok . Just try not to over do it ! Because I workout (actually have stopped for a while due to complications, am getting back into it though) I eat 2 bananas and 2 apples an hour before my workout and feel great the entire time , and eat 2 more apples after my workout along getting my protein from either fish or vegetables , or a high quality , low toxicity protein powder .


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Re: Useful Nutrion Info

Meats , Poultry , Fish:

Other threads in this sub-forum point out a more descriptive explanation of what I am about to disclose:

Red meat causes cancer . Why ? Mainly because of all the "bull-shit" that our animals are injected with . An example of how bad our food is , is that New Zealand's non-organic meat is as good as the US's organic meat . Their organic meat beats ours by a long shot . Also , red meat has less protein compared to fish , and is high in fat and cholesterol .

Chicken , however , is okay , as long as its organic . Our bodies can digest it a lot easier , and it's more lean than red meat . So , if your not a fan of fish , chicken is the way to go . Lots of protein , low fat , low cholesterol , and pretty tasty .

Fish . Jesus's choice of food . Fish (like salmon and tilapia) have Omega fatty acids , very high in lean protein , low in fat and cholesterol , and tastes great . Fish is the best source of animal protein and should be the only animal you eat , if it's wild caught . As described in other threads , farm raised fish is extremely bad for you .

Also , if your incorporating meat into your diet , it is important that you drink equal amounts of water with the amount of food you consume (even though you should try to always do that) . The reason for that is it makes it a helluva lot easier for your body to digest and absorb any nutrients it needs to . Animal protein digest of a rate close to that of Whey Protein (about 10g/hour) .

So , red meat you should never eat , chicken you can but fish is better .


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Thank you ! Many years of researching this very thoroughly , and I only post things I am sure of (after cross checking with other sources , validating , ect ect) and I need to finish this , but sadly I'm too lazy . Maybe tomorrow I will update the thread . Eating healthy is very simple and people complicate it way too much , which is why they get confused and fail . My goal is to provide a basic-level of detail and simplify everything , and if they want more detail they can ask in my Q&A thread .

Stay high and healthy !


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Haha yes , sorry to say but your precious steaks are gonna kill you :p

And thank you
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