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I would like to know if anyone using hemp oil has used it successfully to treat cysts.

I have read that it can help migraines and muscle spasms. I have problems with both and I would love to hear personal experiences treating these conditions.

My wife has MS and Crones Colitis and I would also be interested to hear about how it works for others with these diseases.



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Hemp oil are very useful and taste good. It should not be heated and always be stored in a refrigerator. According to me, it simulates growth of hair, helps to beautify our skin, and can also decrease inflammation.

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My wife has MS. She only smokes, It helps with muscle spasms, and calms her stomach so she can eat. I thought she was going to starve to death until she tried cannabis.


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A fiend of mine showed me an article a couple of weeks ago about using the roots of cannabis plants to make a poultice which I guess would work on cysts and other similar injuries. I wouldn't know where to begin to tell you where you might search.
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