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Using 400 MH for whole cycle


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Just a quick question....was curious if anyone here has used a 400 mh for there whole grow...i havent had the cash to get a hps and was just wondering if the lack of a hps will severely effect the overall yield...thanks in advance:Namaste:


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You can use a MH bulb for the whole grow. Although MH bulbs are more blue spectrum they still have red in there I dont know if it will "seriously" hurt your yeild but it will most likely bring in down some.

Hope this helps.


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A good friend and the person that taught me to grow used a 1000w MH for all his grows and his yeilds were pretty darned good. He used soil and nthing but miracle Grow for his nutes (I use Recipe For Success).


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The blue spectrum doesn't cause stretching. The red spec, causes a bit of stretching but, is necessary to trigger more flowering hormones. Taking out the blue spec and switching the photo period to 12/12 signals the plant that there is a season change and and that its time to start self preservation. There are many things to consider when talking about lighting. Size of room, number of plants, lumen output, spectrum, how much you wanna spend a month on electric, etc, etc.


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You can get a 4100k MH bulb that does well for veg and flower if you only have MH ballast.

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