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Using fluro's


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ok ive started growing in a small cabinet using 2 x 2 foot cool white fluros, 2 x2 foot warm white fluros hanging above the seedlings and 1 cool white x 4 foot tube and 1 x 4 foot grow light/fishtank fluro tube which are diagonaly at the back of the cabinet. cabinet is 3 x 3.5 x 1.5 foot with a small fan in the side is this enough light. for veging also what nutes should i be using, and should these tubes be on 24/7 or what. cheers:51:


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What's the wattage and/or lumens on the tubes?

a 10-5-5 fert or there abouts
at about 1/4 strength
if you really feel you need to feed seedlings.

There is no "silver bullet" to achieve big buds.
You need to optimize your growing environment--exellent medium, carefully monitored ppm (you'll need a meter), constantly correct pH, 6,200 or more lumens per sq/ft, the best nutrients (no miracle grow!), ventilation and of course keep the grow area pest-free.
It usually takes a number of grows before you learn to get things down pat.


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k the 4 foot cool whites are each 36 watt
and the 2 foot fluros are 18 watt im not sure about lumens but the 2 foot tubes say 40000k (840) im not sure if this is lumens or what, for lighting is 18 on 6 0ff appropriate. thanks


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18 on 6 off is good for the veg stage but you can run them 24 hours all day. because they are fluros they don't use much electricity and really dont put out any heat so you would be ok.

If you wanted to make things easier with your lighting situation and still want to use fluros I would pick up two or three shop lights from home depot or any hardware store. you can actually get 2 40watt cool white or warm in each shop light giving you around 80watts a light. I've also noticed that shop lights spread the light a lot better and they come with chains and are easier to raise and lower as your plants grow. :cool027:
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