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Using Lucas Formula Having Nitrogen Deficiency


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using Gh Lucas Formula. days of grow every thing look great, im more then 2 weeks trying to solve this Nitrogen Deficiency (now week 4 bloom) i add in the last 2 weeks 7-10 ml pr liter of G but down leaves keep yellow.

water out ph is 6.5 growing in coco (led light, tempeture etc is normal) till last week got water and food every hour Alternately. for the last week food every hour, till not change. but leaves continue yellow slowly..



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btw i try to dwon ph to 6.0-5.8 and add mycorrhiza
ill try to wait few days may be then ill change wht do you think?


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Need some pics and more details of grow. What medium, system? Exact nutes, how much light?

Yes ive tried lucas formula but had problems with N deficiency. Its only suited to cuts going straight to flower imo. Theres a reason we use full nutes and thats because they need all macro nutrients for plant health.
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