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Using Voodoo Juice for germination and making sure my seed is placed right


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Hello anonjuice here i have just started a Red Purps seed from Tssc. I have them in paper towels under my bed right now. They already sprouted there tap root. When i placed the seed in the paper towel i sprayed it with a bottle of tap water with less then 1Ml of voodoo juice and it popped in under 24 hours. I was wondering if i should use the Voodoo juice on the rapid rooter. And i want to make sure my seed is planted right. the tap root is out should i plant it with the point of it facing down or up will it turn?? right now it looks like its growing in a u shape out of the seed casing
help needed thanks guys


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no idea. I don't really like germinating in paper towel. I like letting them soak in water for a while then sowing them into soil. voodoo juice isn't something im familiar with. I don't use bottled nutrients but im fairly certain those who do will tell you to not use any nutrients on a seedling. I can tell you that all seeds have enzymes with growth hormones built into them and that is how seeds sprout into seedlings.

whats up with this voodoo juice? $175 for a four liter bottle. What is it supposed to do for you? is it worth it?


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i got a small bottle and it was only 25 bucks but its supposed to help roots grow healthy and bulky i orginally got it because a plant had root rot and i heard this would work to clear it up and it did. Im actually putting my seed into my rapid rooter now i never let it sprout a tap root before and its growing out in its natural bend. I should plant the tip of the root face down right??


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