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USMJP: Liberty Bell protest a hugh success!

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Everything went as planned!

The only problem was not enough people showed, we only had about 50
people. But we did have two lawyers come and volunteer to represent
anyone charged. On Micheal Cord has a lawyer radio show on WHAT 1340 am
in Philly. He use's his radio show to highlight important local case's
and to obviously pump up his own show. Our case will be a feature of his
show for a while.

At exactly 420pm, we held a moment of silence (religious) for the
700,000 citizens arrested every-year for marijuana and the 1 million
citizens in prison for non-violent drug offenses. At that point Pat Duff
and I consumed our sacrament. We were charged and will be fighting the
charges using the RELIGIOUS DEFENSE.

A funny thing happened though, I was required to strip off my coat in a
search for weapons, while Pat wasn't. (WHY was that?) I'll leave the
RACE issue for others to debate. But I expected to be searched so under
my clothes I had my FUCK you shirt (
http://www.njweedman.com/congress.htm ) on. Everyone laughed as I stood
in the middle of 6 Federal Police with a FUCK SHIRT on. Pat really did a
good job.

Two major papers did show up and we expect in a day or so to have it
reported. Three video cameras were present so you should all be able to
watch the event on POT-TV soon.