UT: Medical Cannabis Petitions Circulate In Sanpete

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Persons who look around the community this coming week may see a sign inviting them to sign the Medical Cannabis Petition for Utah. The petitions are being circulated in an effort to acquire enough signatures to put the "Utah Medical Cannabis Act", on the 2018 Utah ballot.

Utahpatients.org feels that having this act on the ballot is important so that all Utah residents will be able to vote their conscience regarding the legalization of medical cannabis here.

There is an emphasis on the word 'medical' because if this measure passes, Utahns will be able to have cannabis prescribed by a physician for many conditions that are particularly responsive to the many biological components found in cannabis.

The bill would not allow for recreational use within Utah. The entire Utah Medical Cannabis Act may be read online at Utah Patients Coalition. Only the conditions listed in the act will be eligible for treatment with cannabis.

At present there are many legal prescription drugs that are easily obtained by prescription, but many of those have adverse effects and many do not effectively manage the conditions that they are prescribed to resolve.

Pain medications are particularly suspect as ones that may not help the patient but instead may result in serious side effects, such as addiction. Cannabis has been noted as an alternative medication that may resolve pain and not compound other problems.

It has been argued that some patients who are addicted to opiates may be relieved from those addictions with Cannabis. Cannabis has been shown to help with side effects of chemo-therapy for cancer.

It has been demonstrated as an effective medicine for seizures. PTSD is another condition where Cannabis has been used to successfully reduce symptoms. The list of conditions that respond to Cannabis is lengthy.

Anyone interested in reviewing the scientific literature can easily use the Internet to seek information regarding a condition to research by simply going to Google.scholar.com

The condition can be researched along with the term 'cannabis.' For example, if one were interested in knowing if cannabis will help with 'Parkinson's disease', they would enter the terms, "Parkinsons and cannabis".

Utahpatients.org recommends the public begin discussing the many issues that surround cannabis in its many forms. It is evident that many people are suffering in pain silently.

The discussion about this alternative medication that may alleviate pain, suffering, or even cure some ailments, is a discussion that many patients are wanting to have.

This cannabis initiative gives Utah citizens the opportunity to have this discussion openly without the stigma of breaking the law.

There are people who have felt forced to move to states that offer medicinal cannabis for themselves or for a loved one. Many others suffer in this state, unable to get medication they believe will alleviate pain and suffering.

The volunteers who are bringing these petitions to the community are committed to this cause to make it possible for all Utah citizens to have access through their local physicians.

Volunteers will be canvassing Sanpete County. Look for the red signs inviting persons to sign a Sanpete petition.

There will be volunteers in Fairview on Thursday, Oct. 12, from 11 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. For more information call Mark (435) 813-8030, or Kelly (435) 851-9664 or Joanne (435) 813-2177.

After October 12, Utahpatience.org encourages others who want to sign, but have not had that opportunity to call any of the above listed volunteers, or check for other volunteers at Utah Patients Coalition.

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