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Utah - Cannabis Oil For Epileptic Kids Bill Unveiled In The Legislature

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A bill that would provide a way for a cannabis oil extract to be imported to Utah for use by epileptic children has been unveiled in the state legislature.Rep. Gage Froerer's House Bill 100 amends Utah law to allow people to possess the hemp oil extract and give it to minors without being charged with violating the state's controlled substances laws.

The bill also requires the Utah Department of Health to issue parents a "hemp extract registration card" to bring the cannabis oil across state lines into Utah. Rep. Froerer, R-Huntsville, told FOX 13 last week he believed the bill had a good chance of passing the state legislature, noting its bipartisan support. Lawmakers have insisted they do not believe it would be a "slippery slope" to medical marijuana in the state.


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Source: Fox13now.com
Author: Ben Winslow
Contact: Contact | FOX13Now.com
Website: Cannabis oil for epileptic kids bill unveiled in the legislature | FOX13Now.com

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