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Utah - State To Offer Permits For Cannabis Oil

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On a good day, 16 year-old Kimmie Hansen has twenty seizures at night time. Her parents have tried at least eighteen different medications but nothing seems to work. They are hoping a cannabis oil called "Charlotte's Web" will help ease or eliminate the seizures altogether. On Thursday, the State of Utah will begin offering permits to legally possess the oil here in the state. The application for the permit is 400 dollars and applicants must have a letter from a neurologist who can confirm the person has serious seizures. Kimmie's parents say the 400 dollars cost is steep, as they've already spent their savings and sold their house in order to get medical help for Kimmie.

With the help of fundraisers and family, they will pay for the permit. "We try not to get our hopes up too much," said Kimmie's mom of the oil. "But if we can see a reduction of 20 percent in her seizures I would call that a big success," she said. Charlotte's Web or "Alepsia" is produced by one family on Colorado. Although the oil is derived from the marijuana plant, it has been specially bred so it has very low levels of THC, meaning it can't make people high - but it is said to fight seizures. After families like the Hansen's told their stories to lawmakers, they persuaded them to pass legislation that would allow families with sick children to possess the oil without fear of prosecution.


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Source: Kutv.com
Author: Cristina Flores
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