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UW prof: Gregoire shouldn't fear feds' 'bullying' on medical pot


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University of Washington law professor Hugh Spitzer says there is no legally valid reason for Gov. Chris Gregoire to veto a medical marijuana bill passed by the state Legislature.

Gregoire has indicated she might not sign Senate Bill 5073, which would establish a regulatory system for the medical pot business and seek to provide criminal liability protection for patients. Gregoire has said she fears federal authorities could arrest and prosecute users and even state workers because the medical use of cannabis is not legal under federal law.
In a letter to Gregoire, Spitzer says such concerns are unfounded. "I am not aware of any situations in the last sixty years, and perhaps not since the Civil War, where state officials were personally prosecuted for carrying out ministerial functions under state law."


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and the DEA busted SEVERAL dispensary's in SPOKANE this afternoon,,,, just what we need
just leave me alone!!!!!!!


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We have a 10th Amendment right. Maybe the governor should read our constitution and bill of rights.
The dispensaries are going to need to file a class action lawsuit on the 10th Amendment right of states right to govern themselves. As long as the MMJ doesn't cross state lines its perfectly legal as long as it doesn't violate state laws. The DEA has absolutely no jurisdiction in these matters.
2 states have now passed laws that make friearm silencers and fully automatic fireamrs legal to own in those states as long as they were manufactured in that state and does not cross state boundaries and the feds have said absolutely nothing about it. Why? The 10th Amendment.


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Gov Gargoyle whom I used to like somewhat, is a useless old bag. I will never again vote for a woman. And look what is wanting to be our next Governor: that old sherriff who for 30 years could not catch the green river killer. Now he is a congressman, and may be our next governor. Reichert! I am beginning to think our government system is worthless and screwed up beyond repair.
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