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VA: Group Pushes For Marijuana Law Reform

Katelyn Baker

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Norfolk, Va. - The push to decriminalize marijuana in the City of Norfolk takes the next step on Monday.

City Councilman Paul Riddick made the suggestion to decriminalize pot during a council meeting last month.

Now a group is working to lobby lawmakers at the city and state level. They say the enforcement of marijuana laws is expensive, and disproportionately targets minorities.

Right now, the offense carries a $500-dollar fine and about 30 days behind bars.

Riddick says it's a waste of time to send officers to court for marijuana charges.

"I would say to handle a marijuana misdemeanor, it takes maybe 15-20 minutes to write a summons, and then you go to court, and if you have 10 cases, they are all heard one after another," Riddick suggests.

Some police and the Commonwealth's Attorney are opposed to changing the laws.

The group supporting the change will meet Monday night at 6 at the Slover Library.


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