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Vacation prep


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I’ve got 3 plants going now, 1 photo, and two autos inside under a CMH 315 12/12 the photos in flower now.
Going on a 10 day cruse and trying to figure a cheep way to water while away..... ? I water completely the day I’m leaving .
Filling iv bags for a drip setup or upside down wine bottles stuck in the soil ? Both methods work, always looking for more or better options, all responses welcome thanks in advance.

George Mc

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I've never tested this but it seems logical you could have a inexpensive water pump used for aquariums or outside ponds and have it hooked to a simple day / hour timer. Water the plants before you leave and have that timer turn on five days later for 5 minutes and drain water out of a 5 gallon bucket. Of course have the hoses run to your plants. But I would recommend zip tying the hoses extremely secure so you don't get a house full of water


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I use a RV water pump, which pulls water from a 24 gallon tote (which auto fills with RO water) I control feedings with a solenoid and a digital programmable timer. Solenoid is plugged into programmed timer. I use 1/4" soaker hose to water plants, you could use drip irrigation parts as well. I also use a digital timer for lights.
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