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Vape question


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Hi there, I just picked up an EZ Vape. It is my firt vaporizer. I am vaping at 230 degrees. The herb is not burning, but I am gettng very harsh hits off of it. It hurts my throat more than any bong, joint, or pipe I have ever smoked. i don't think that this is right? Any comments on this? I bought a vape because I though it would be a lot smoother than other methods.



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the price range is from like $50-$700. If you want a good one to be at home toking, it will be about $200, around $200-$300 is will get you top of the line vape. For volcanos they're way more expensive and it's not really anything more worth it and only does bag.

around $200-$300.

Damn thats the price range i was guessing. I hate being right. Looks like ill be smoking out of the bong until I get some change for one!

How well would a 50 dollar vaporizer work? Where could I get one at that price?


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I would not recommend a vaporgenie. had one for a while but the high was not half as powerful as straight smoking. i stopped using as a vaporizer and used it as a bowl after a few weeks. it is good if you need to conceal the smell though.
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