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Vapin's Indoor Gelato & Bag


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I was debating on weather or not to post this, as this was more of genetic/environmental research rather than my typical thought out grows I invest money into. Most of the materials used here were very cheap or given to me for free. The main purpose of this grow was:

I wanted to know how well the Gelato I grew outdoors would do indoors.
I wanted to know out of the 20 seeds I got from 4 lbs of outdoor Gelato how many will be hermaphrodite/male/female.
I wanted to know how the Gelato grows when topped, compared to other plants.

So far the Gelato is doing better indoors, out of the 20 seeds I got 9 males, 5 females, 3 hermies, and 3 duds.

Journal Update:
Day 60, day 26 flower

Strains and percentages:
5 Gelato, 1 Blue Cookies, 1 bag seed

Current life cycle:

Indoor or Outdoor, Type of Soil Used, any nutrients added:
Indoor, organic soil with worm castings. nutes are kings grow, and forfarm big bloom.

Soil PH Levels:

Light(s) and light hours:
1000w HPS on 12/12

Air circulation:
box fan on low about 5 feet away.

Temperature and Humidity:
68 to 85 degrees f, 50% humidity

Size of room:
the size of this room can change but I have everything boxed in with mylar for max reflectivity.


Watering times and methods:
They wilt every 3 days so that is about how often I have been watering them.

This is a budget grow, my next indoor will consist of 40+ cloned plants that will be vegged under a t5, then moved to 2 1000w HPS, and a 300w led I want to experiment with.

I had a mutation with the Gelato where 4 of the plants had weird waxy, short leaves and they grew extra leaf nodes. 3 males 1 hermie.

My friend also noticed I am using clear containers, which is bad. I will fix this.



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Day 89, day 55 flower

I learned quite a bit of information before and during this grow, and the results are starting to finally show.

Even though I started with hermaphrodite seeds from my outdoor plants and removed the males and hermaphrodites, some of the females ended up producing small amounts of pollen but never showed "bananas" or "nuts". This resulted in less than 30 seeds from the grow of what I am estimating to be around 2 to 4 ounces. (yes even the trainwreck and blue cookies had a few seeds alongside the gelato, but much less)

I will continue this research in a more controlled environment with back crossing male genetics, but before then I am going to run some SUBCOOL GENETICS! STAY TUNED!!!

Teaser for next grow: Querkle/Oxacan Gold/Sour Tsunami/Violene/High CBD



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This can be moved to completed journals.

The curing is far enough along to show color and end weights so here we go! This is from less than 30 day veg in very small pots.

Gelato = 44 grams 5 plants

Blueberry Muffins = 9 grams 1 plant

Trainwreck = 9 grams 1 plant

Left to right: Gelato, Blueberry Muffins, and Trainwreck

Even though the cure needs another week or two I smoked a bit of each one and they are all very special.

This can be moved to completed journals.
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