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Vapor Genie Review


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Just ordered one of these pipes after doing research online. The reasons why I decided to buy a Vapor Genie:
1-It has not electronic parts.
2-Priced very reasonable $55.00 on ebay from Vaporgenie.com.
3-Manufacturer guarantees workmanship and materials for life. No hassles for returns.
4-No need to wait for the vaporizer to warm up like the electronic types I have used in the past.
5-Easy to store, use and travel with. Just need a brush and grinder and airtight storage/travel container.
6-I like things made from wood, metal, glass and ceramic.
7-Vaping is easier in general on my COPD.

I'm sure there are negatives out there. Please post anything you know about this Vaporizer please. It appears there is a learning curve on how to properly use it without over heating the herb. I watched several Youtube videos demonstrating the use. Things always appear to be simpler than they really are....lol. Thanks in advance. Check out my grow. NL LED. Leave comments or just take a peak at a Northern Light Beauty. I could use the help also if you have the time. Indoor Northern Lights Feminized - LEDs - Page 4
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