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Vaporizers and Asthma?


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Hello all,

So I come here to ask what is smoking cannabis with a vape like? I have pretty bad migraines and cannabis has been the most effective treatment, but I also have some pretty obnoxious asthma - I'm not one of those people that need an inhaler every 20 minutes, but I am basically guaranteed to get pneumonia every winter - and that makes smoking highly problematic. Sadly my source of edibles has been less than reliable, so I am considering getting a vaporizer as backup.

I can smoke at times with minimal coughing attacks, if the smoke is very cold i/e from a ice-packed bong or hookah, but I can't handle the type of smoke that comes from a bowl or joint - the least bit of heat or harshness and I'm scrambling for my rescue inhaler. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with a cannabis vape for me to try, but I have used the kind for non-cannabis (and yet not nicotine, some of my friends are... special) with minimal problems as well.

How would you rate the output from a vaporizer? cold? or more to the warm end of the spectrum?
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