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I am looking to buy a vaporizor from a sponsor here. I was looking at the G Pen Snoop Dogg microG Herbal Vaporizer from Vapornation.

Has anyone here used one and it is used for dry bud correct?
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I bought the GPen, Question now is, is it best to place a small bud in the pen or do you grid it up first?
Unlike past G Pens, you can smoke actual weed out of it rather than just wax. It is a well-built device that does what it says it will. It feels good in the hand, has a nice aesthetic to it, and comes with a bunch of cool extras.
if you want a good vaporiser you need to pay for it, you'll not get a good cheap one; I'd recommend a Silver Surfer for home use, and the Firefly for portable use :peace:
Actually you can get cheaper units like the MFLB or the Vapman, which work well with dry herbs but for top quality you're going to have to pay top dollar. Nearly anything that Arizer makes is a quality product but they come with the higher price tag. For portable units I'd say that the Arizer Solo or the DaVinci Ascent take the cake. Stationeries you gotta go Volcano or AroMed but you're definitely gonna break the bank with those units. I'd agree that the Extreme Q is a good mid ranged option.