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Can anyone recomend a reasonably priced vaporizer. Please let me know pricing and where I can get one.




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I highly (seriously, very highly) recomend the Vapor Genie. Only 50 bucks and it's hand held, operated by a lighter. Takes some getting used to, but a friend of mine put a bit of my Northern Light BB in the thing, took one big vape hit and was fried. Once you get used to the lil genie it will become your best friend. I am still a smoker, for life, but that lil vape holds a special place on my bong rack.

go to http://www.vaporgenie.com


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Volcano, the best, but very un-stealthy. Vaporgenie.. best bang for the buck and very stealthy.. have used one for 2+ years. If your herb turns black, you're smoking (no-no). Be gentle, follow instructions to the T. Tan herb residue is vaping (yes-yes).. and reusable in olive oil.

Check out herbalAire too. For the price, great buy.. as close as you can get to Volcano for less money.

G:3: :peace: d luck!
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