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vaporizing pot


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My father in law is connected to oxygen to help his breathing 24/7. Up till now we have managed to keep him happy with a hash and yoghurt mixture to get high. He is 72 years old. Recently he discovered on the net that you can vaporize weed and inhale it. I have tried vaporizing, it was more then 10 years ago and it is an awsome clean high but i did cough a hell of alot and i have normal lungs.
My question is rather simple, anyone else with a similar illness, have you tried to vaporize weed or are your weed smoking days over and do you satisfy your high by ingesting the cannabis?
Before i go out and get the old guy a vaporizer i would appreciat your feedback


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ya man they're nice but can still be harsh on the lungs, i don't know though i guess it depends what brand though cuz i've had it be really cool too


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If he has a respiratory problem, vaporizing is NOT the answer. In fact, a bong would be easier on his lungs. Edibles are a great way to go. Also, smoking it yourself and blowing it in his face is an option; as long as it doesn't aggravate his breathing problem.

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