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Hi ron and welcome to the number one site for promoting cannabis awareness :420: :welcome:

Thanks for the introduction. You should check out New Member Start Links for tips on using and navigating the site and try FAQs if you have questions.

There are lots of approaches to drying and curing. Some people monitor the humidity. You can also go by weight. When the bud weighs 25% of when it was wet then it is dry. I prefer bags to hanging now. I dry them in bags until the outside is brittle, then move them to jars. If the buds are big they will soften up again from moisture inside then I move them back to bags for another day to finish drying.



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:welcome:Ron! Those guys above have given you some links to follow that will answer your question so I'll just welcome you to our community and tell you that starting a grow journal really worked well for me. It allows tons of experienced growers to check out and comment on our grows.... great help! Also, I find answers for almost any question I have simply by using the search feature of this site. Good luck with your grow! :peace:

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welcome to :420: looks like u have some great members already helpin u

This is an awesome site to explore and learn how to grow killer marijuana. be sure to start a new journal its worth it ..Check out my signature below for some great starter links and our monthly contest that u can vote in ..

:lot-o-toke: devils letuce :thumb:
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