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ok well i have 3 females of Sour D and i veged for about 8 weeks i topped them twice and lst'ed them but i was just wondering since i veged for 8 weks will that effect on how long i should flower them for because i know its 10 weeks for sour d but should i make it a lil longer like 12 and my last question is can you flower for to long? and how could you tell if you did? ill have pictures up soon


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The length of veg time should not affect the length it takes to flower...unless, the plant is immature when you switch to 12/12. then it might take longer to flower. But an 8 week veg time is plenty long enough for your plant to mature, so won't have to worry about that.
And yes, it is possible to let them flower for too long. At that point the tricomes (thc crystals) begin to turn amber and the thc degrades. The best point to chop your plants is when most of the tricomes are a milky color, before too many start turning amber.
To check your plants you will want some sort of magnifying glass or microscope to view the crystals as it is kinda hard to see with the naked eye.

Good luck with the grow. There are plenty of resources on this site that should help you achieve and awesome harvest.


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thanks and i can see the crystals on the leaves and now some of the hairs are starting to reach the other buding sites which i know is good but a very week of them are starting to turn orangish. what is that normal even though alll the other hairs are still white.

i dont think i flowered them too son i only switched them to 12/12 becasue 2 of my plants started showing male preflowers. but yea they veged for 8 weeks this monday will beginning of week 3.


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I think the amount of light determines them time of ripeness. Buy this I mean the type of light, the wattage, natural light, the number of hours of light and so on. I have yet to grow Sour D to finish, but I liked og kush at 10 weeks(the tricombs on the buds looked like oily glass with the naked eye), head band at 11(the tricombs on the buds looked like oily glass with the naked eye), and NYC diesel at 11 + (the tricombs looked sugary white with the naked eye)I do suggest using a microscope to judge harvesting time. good luck the odor of sour D is hard to contain be cautious if neighbors are near by.


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Thanks The303Stoner and the ladies are starting to get a nice little danky-ness to them. =)

But i have them in my garage in a 2x4 tray with a drip system to a recirculating water resv. (10Gal). Covered by a very ghetto DYI tent lol next grow going with a 4x4 grow tent but thanks for the the input
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