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Veg Lighting Options

Viva La Vega

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What's up guys? I'm currently in the beginning stages of my first grow and it's time I make my first real purchase in terms of lighting. I plan on using one closet for vegging/seedlings/clones and another for flowering. My veg closet is 45" x 35" x 72" and I'm expecting to have 4-6 plants growing.

I'm split between T5, LED, and MH lighting. (Keep in mind that I'm probably going to pick up a 400w HPS for flowering purposes)

My question is simply: Which light would be best for the first 3-4 weeks of growth? This light doesn't need to do it all, just something I can use as a foundation. I'll probably add CFLs for supplemental lighting.

Here are some fixtures I've found that are within my price range of no more than $160.

HTG Supply - 2 Foot 4 Lamp PL-55 Tek Lamp

HTG Supply - HTGSupply 250 watt Metal Halide Grow Light


100x3w led grow light

If anyone knows of a better option please do not hesitate to let me know! Let me know what you guys think! :nomo:

Obi Wan

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I picked up a T5. I swap out bulb color for veg/flower. I wish I would have waited a week or two and saved up for LED. A few reasons for wanting to move to LED are: better efficiency (output), hopefully less heat than my huge T5, and better air flow due to the smaller fixture.

Any one of your choices will work. Consider additional space requirements such as heat and ventilation needs. Can your closet handle the air exchange needed for MH or do you need a cooler running T5 or LED?

Just something to chew on.

Happy growing!
/Obi Wan

devils letuce

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since you are growing in a closet i think the t5 is the way to go since it will not produce anywhere near the amount of heat the mh or hps will.. im sure led will work also but i have no experience in that field .. too damn exspensive!!! i veg under a t5 and flower under a 600w hps


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I veg each plant under a single 1,750lm 25w CFL for three to four weeks, then flower under a 600w hps

however, I have just bought a 75w UFO led unit, so I'll see how that goes for vegging compared to the CFLs

HIDs are a waste for vegging small grows imo :Namaste:

devils letuce

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i used hids for veg on my first grow and cfls on this one and there is little difference .some people say the node space changes .
i use a Sun System Sun Blaze T5 HO 48 - 4 ft 8 Lamp
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