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Vegative plant - Possibly flowering?


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Yep she is starting...there are a number of ways that can happen too early unintentionally. Are you certain of your seed source?

I can make plants flower in 24 hour light by using a certain "fertilizer" to scare them into breeding early but that is not common practice. Most people don't do that or use those chemicals in veg. That said similarly other forms of stress can induce early flowering.

Commonly it is a response where the plant is trying to propagate early due to environmental factors stressing it so bad that it thinks it can't make it all summer. The plants freak and want to breed now in order to save the line.

All of this being that we know it aint an auto right.

So if we know the seed is normal then there is a stress factor (most likely) which hopefully you can find. It may be in the soil...

Lets talk about your medium and your feed scheduled and how you mix your ferts up?


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Soil is a organic soil manure mix. Supplimented with manure, fish meal, seaweed pellets. And humic and fulvic acid.

Also have dosed with Mycorrhizae. Feeding with Advanced nutrients Micro, grow, bloom 4ml each

Mix fert into 1l water then into soil. Micro first, bloom then grow


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Would It be ok to just continue what I'm doing and see how she flowers? Healthy looking plant and don't want to stress her by changing anything if is happy and just decided it was time lol

Added the Advanced nutrients because was a very hungry girl and was yellowing without it. She is definitely a very heavy feeder.
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