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vegetation stage lighting newbie here


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Hi guys this is my first time growing. Im starting with 3 durbban poison plants I brought back from Amsterdam. They just sprouted about 5 days ago and the little guys are already about 3 inches tall. At this point how much light should they be getting? Im growing inside right now and have only exposed them to the light from my window. Also when can I start topping them?

Any tips are appreciated!

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Lights on 24hr or 16hr. Its up o you on witch one. They both work but I use 18on 6off. if you see them stretching you are not getting enough light. Topping can be done when you have 3 too 5 nodes to be safe. I like to do it at five nodes. Tying is one of the best LST you can do to the plant to make it short and bushy. Here's a pic encase you are not sure what nodes are.
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