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Vegetative odor?

Basically...the set up is two rooms...one veg/clones...the other for flowering

now the flowering room has a carbon active filter to reduce odor....there is nothing but oscilating fans, and an exhaust out in the veg room....today there was a noticable skunky smell in the air in the veg room....is this going to get worse...and do you suggest a carbon filter in the veg room as will?


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Is it possible to run the duct work from the veg. room through to the carbon filter in the flowering room?


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question...typically, the veg stage isn't that smelly though right? It really kicks in with the resin production I thought? (I've just started my first grow so havn't gotten there yet :)


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My plants smelled more in veg than in flower when I grew, but that was some bag seed.


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depends on the strain man i've had plants that don't smell till flowering others that reek 2 weeks into veg, and usually the ones that start stinkin in veg get pretty rank in flowering, and if you put in exhaust? i'm guessing thats like a vent make sure its no were where any person walks by cuz in my back yard i can smell dank all over when flowering side is at full capacity kinda sketchy.

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I have a carbon can in my room.... a big one. Phat Can is the name. They can be expensive, but if you want no attention drawn to you then its the way to go. IMO.
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