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Vegging height question


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Hey Folks, I've got two blue venom plants outdoor in 3 gal pots, custom mixed soil using Big Bloom and Grow Big and once a month I toss a little Happy Frog dry fert. in. I'm going straight from seed to 12/12. My question is, if i'm at six weeks and my plants are two ft. tall is that O.K.? They aren't showing any signs of flowering yet. Any Help would be appreciated.


Height is by personal preference and how much room a grow has for the plants. If they plant is mature (Branch nodes are alternating) instead of parallel from each other. Than you can force them in to the flowering stage by switching them to a 12 / 12 light cycle.

I started flowering my plants at about 18 inches and now she is stands about 36+ inches. Even when the plant is in the flowering stage they will still gain some additional height.:tokin:
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