Velk Returns Illuminautos Mephisto Coco LED Auto #3


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:welcome::420: :rollit: hey guys and girls of 420 its been a while since ive done a journal im glad to be back to the best community on the net ive met some wonderful people made some good friends learned a whole lot and picked up a whole lot of knowledge on my journeys im a deadicated auto grower i love my autos and with times today there are so many to choose from this journal i will be using mephisto genetics autos and using the skills i have picked upon the way yo see what we can do with these lovley strains :hippy::woohoo::woohoo:

please pull up a seat a:cheer::cheer:nd enjoy the ride :420::Namaste:

What strain is it? mephisto genetics Illuminauto 23 - Creme Bubbly (Creme de la chem x Hubbabubbasmelloscope) and some pick and mix from mephisto as i can never decide :cheer:

Creme Bubbly is Creme de la Chem (stardawg illuminati cut x Chemdogging) crossed with our favourite old-skool gal hubbabubbasmelloscope.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 50/50

Autoflower cycle 65-75 days from sprout :circle-of-love:

medium canna coco coir & pearlite coco 80% pearlite 20%

pot size 12l smart pots :love:

grow space 155x97x220cm :volcano-smiley:

lighting x 2 mars hydro 900w & x1 mars 300w leds :cheer::amen:

ventilation 1x 6in intake 1x 6 inch 450M3/HOUR extractor fan 1x 6inch rhino carbon filter

tech x2 hydrometers x1 thermometer x1 dehumidifier :high-five:

nutes nutes will be advanced nutrients coco ph perfect, canna coco rhizotonic, and will be adding bud ignitor big bud overdrive and bud candy :morenutes::morenutes:

these will be getting topped and treated with lst leaf tucking , i also have a scrogline pro so the biggest one will get the vip treatment i may even scrogg them all

as soon as deeds arive they will be soaked in a light rhizotonic and water soloution for 12/24hrs

then will be placed in a paper towel and in to a big seal bag put in my seed hatching chamber until tap roots sprout then placed in to treated coco were they will have plain water for a few days until i start giving light doses of base nutes ,as nanys i give them 24 hours of light for first few days up to a bit longer then change to 20/4 light schedule for the duration of the autos cycle this strains frost rating is ultra white so lets see what these autos can do! :Namaste::welcome::420:
:welcome: thanks for joining guys there are plenty of seats for everybody!:circle-of-love::rollit: today i will be doing the last finishing touches to my new grow space ill be putting one more support up to hang my carbon filter and intake and cutting x2 6inch holes for the ducting =):woohoo: im hoping the temps will be a lot more manageable this time around temps in the room are 19c 55% lowest and 20c 60% we will see what its like when a few ladys are in there :cheer: ill post a few photos of the ladys new home when i get a chance :420::Namaste:
:420::high-five::slide::slide::slide::slide::slide: little up date grow space progress has been slow but steady but well worth it i started off by gutting and clearing the space sanded filled and painted everything white:slide::slide::slide::slide::slide::slide:


i got some 2x2 bits of wood cut them down and fitted the ceiling and made some wood supports and bolted to the wall for extra strength i then had to think about ducting i removed the panels above the door frame and cut two 150mm (6inch) holes threw them



i also made a splitter so the intake and out take air flow doesnt take from each other

good ol gorilla glue but not the smokable kind unfortunatley , i then carryed on to insulate and sound proof it with anti vibration strips

then i got a piece of flexy duct and put threw one of the holes i cut and put the panels back and filled the cavity with expanding foam

i got my extractor fan and an old bass box i cut a 6 inch hole in one side and a 10 in the other and cut a a square for its electric box to be able to get to if needed and for the plug




i then taped a protective cover over the filter amd taped around the electric box then filled with expanding foam

then for extra insilation and extra shineyness lol i wraped in wide insolation tape my fan was fairly quiet before but now you cant even hear it its so silent ! and shiney!


i took my shiney box and hung it on some bracing that i out around the frame on the ceiling

then i hung it and extra secured the filter with some gripple wire

im loving my new space im really proud of it even gave it a reflective floor

i will eventually move the box across to sit in the corner but thats for another time all thats left to do is hang the lights to the the
yoyos fit a wire holder so i can finally say its done wooop wooop :420::rollit::rollit::rollit::rollit::rollit::rollit::Namaste::420:
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