Velk Returns Illuminautos Mephisto Coco LED Auto #3


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thanks guys ! im glad i went with these brackets as i have spare longer ones so could actually use a light mover if needed (i wont ever but its good to have lol ) im going to fit the longer one at a later date to put the filter box all the way in the corner and a bigger filter glad i made a silencer box no vibrations hardly any sound at all !:Namaste:


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You've been busy! I like the soundproofing of your fan I was thinking of doing something similar with mine but I haven't time these days... I will follow along if you don't mind!

thanks p take a seat and join the others =) its really worth doing it didnt even take long lucky tonzo had an old bass box laying around longest part was waiting for the expanding foam to dry lol you can do the same with a cardboard box and it actually works well beleave it or not still waiting on my beans =(


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the other strain i will be running is alien vs triangle really excited about this strain alien genetics are really good mephisto is on point


these ones will take a tad longer than the others triangle kush is meant to be potent should ve a killer combo !


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:volcano-smiley:so my beans are in the country so thought i would prepare everything gave the space a final clean treated my coco:morenutes: with cal mag rhizotonic and a super minimal dose of an ph perfect coco a&b :morenutes:

:lot-o-toke:i also managed to take down the filter box move it along the unistrut and make a little brace for it


then put it in its support and partialy connected it to the vent
:blunt: gives much more head room being out of the way and nice straight short ducting intake will be fitted tomorrow i also hung the mars leds and extra yoyos for the 300

hopefully beans and the rest of my nutes arrive tomorrow and we can really get the show started !:bong::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


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Just in time to see something grow.. :) :passitleft:


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ive done some of each and saved the rest for another journal, think next run ill re do the auto jungle i want to try loads of multiple strains in one run again ideally i want to do all of the mephisto full range it will take a while but that will be a nice smoke stash to select from
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