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Vending Machines For Pot May Be Headed To Washington

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As Washington state works on rules for implementing its new marijuana legalization law, a California company says it wants to bring marijuana dispensing machines to the state.

The pot vending machines are already in place in some states where medicinal marijuana is legal.

The machines currently in use require patients to scan a fingerprint, which will link that patient to an on-file prescription for marijuana. Medbox says it is working to adapt the machines for recreational users.

Dr. Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox, said, "We look forward to working with residents and existing small business operators in the State of Washington to assist them through the complex maze of regulations, obtain necessary permits and zoning approvals, and install inventory management systems that meet or exceed all state and local regulations."

According to Bedrick, Medbox has offered its guidance, suggestions and consultation at no charge to officials tasked with developing and implementing a legal marijuana industry in Washington.

Bedrick said, "States can profit handsomely from this new revenue stream, and Medbox is able to provide the systems and technologies that assure that taxes are collected, quantity limits are never breached, and there is adherence to all regulations."

The voter-approved initiative, I-502, gives the state Liquor Control Board until December 1, 2013, to develop rules for implementation.


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