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Vent Positioning in Apt.


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Ok, i currently reside in a apartment with a apt on each side of my grow room wall, so keeping the lovely odor of my sticky down to min.

I mean, i already smoke at least 10 times a day normal, how much more potent is it compared to smoking skunk out of a blunt that burns for 30 mins?

Another question, i have exsisting holes in the drywall in my closet, i was wondering if i use 8 inch ducting with a proper bath vent hooked to a homemade active carbon filter in a dryer vent, through the drywall inbetween apts. Would it vent air through the other guys sockets or would it decapate up in the attic?

I dont have access to get in the attic, (unless i do a private ops mission and climb in the hole outside on the bottom of the overhang.)


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It all depends on the strain you are growing some just smell more than others. I have 2 going right now and one smells like nothing, the other smells like I have a dead skunk in my closet that I spray with Lemon Pledge daily.

The idea about venting into the wall after going through a home made carbon filter would probably work, you would just want to make sure that filter stayed fresh if you know what I mean.
If there are already holes in the closet what about cutting a nice 6-8" hole in the ceiling of that closet and pipe it straight up into the crawl space that is inevitably above that?
Just a couple ideas I thought I would throw out for ya, gonna go smoke and think of more! good luck bud.


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well for now its just some mid priced bagseed ( 6 or 7 seed in the whole quarter pound) it has a nice minty smell within the bags. and i got the seeds like 10 days after the buds dryed to they are fresh (off topic))

that was my first guess was to make a 8 inch outlet into the ceiling. I wanted to make everything as easy to replace as posible. I can do drywall work, ive never did a texture patch tho. hmmm. well enough of guessing what im talking about, ill just borrow a cam from my bro. he will be in tomorro. many pics then.

smokeyjoe, i think im going to smoke some and go on a idea journey and see if something hits me (other than the high). thanks for the reply:thanks:

Dan K

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Im dealing with a similar situation, my closet is right next to the washer and dryer. I was going to try to vent through the wall directly to the dryer duct (about 4 feet total) but dont know how big of a fan i need to prevent blow back from the dryer when its running. That would be BAAAAD.

I found this: TheBigTomato Shopping Cart

They have some pretty cheap duct fans, might work...?


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mabey you can get one of those things that are one way for dryers, or you might look up the replacement fan for your dryer, see how many cfms it is and beat the output. IDk

now i think im going to go through a wall and into the ceiling. i hope the landlord doest come in, but ive been here almost 2years and hes never been in, just knocked on the door once when rent was late (doh!)


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well my plans are changing so much that im not sure what to do. my apt is small, so i want to do the most i can without hurting living conditions too much.

but anyway, here are some pics of inside my closet. the hotwater tank is in there, and for some reason there are holes in the drywall. I know its posible, but for my new ideas i will need more room. Like up aginst my window. I can make a window box and vent out that way without damaging the walls or windows. BUT, the window that it will be blowing out of there is a walkway, not many people walk through there, like 1-2 people a week. And they are neighbors. Will the smell be obvious out the window, even with a carbon filter? Or should i vent into the attic of the building? noone should smell that right? or i could vent into inbetween the studs. (if i know anything about framing is that there is a top board and a bottom board, idk)



your thoughts and personal experiences would be a great help.


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will the hot water tank increase my inner temp too much? i think it might seeing there is no vent for the thing.:51:


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Yea, what ^ said, that waterheater closet is too hot, find a better place. If landlord don't come in, use bathroom, carbon filter BEFORE regular apartment bathroom exhaust fan, Keep lookin' around this site and fabricate your own custom system, with the knowledge here, ya got it made:439:


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I'd suggest scrubbing your air for now brother. Just hook up a canfan to a filter and let it circulate or "scrub" clean the air in the room. works great for small spaces and it sounds like your neighbors are pot friendly. continue with the exhaust idea though you'll want to out the used air either way, also ONA is a great product for smell. I would like to suggest Marijuana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds and www.wholesale-hydroponics.com both are advertised often in HT, get seeds with verified genetics for cheap... just get ONE female and clone her in a month or two then youll at least know what your working with... and WH or maybe its HW has a scrubber for 130bucks... i'll be watching


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ive had plants in there for about 4 days, the temp rises a little (lack of thermometer) when the closet doors (have multiple holes in the wood) are shut. when i have it open its nice and comfy.

well, ive decided to build a grow tent near my window, venting scrubbed air
out the bottom of the window(top wont slide down). Bringing fresh air in from close to the door in the room.(no ac in the room, have a hotel like ac in living room)

I dont want to use the bathroom seeing as people might need to use my bathroom, and i tell them "hellllno"

i plan to document the whole process in detail on my grow journal which is in my siggy.

thanks for the replys!


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I would def look into an Activated Carbon Air scrubber. You dont want the smell of fresh pot leaking out of your house. It is much more distinct then smoked pot. Smoked pot is the smell of no more evidence, fresh pot is something worth investigating.


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I would def look into an Activated Carbon Air scrubber. You dont want the smell of fresh pot leaking out of your house. It is much more distinct then smoked pot. Smoked pot is the smell of no more evidence, fresh pot is something worth investigating.

yea i know, but i heard that it doesn't really start smelling bad except when its flowering, and curing.

Lets hope my apartment is smell proof as far as plants are concerned untill i can afford to DIY it.


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At the 1st sign of a scent i will drop everything and start construction on a window box with a bath vent, 2 computer fans for input. (i would have to rebuild seeing that my chamber isnt as airtight as i need it to be)


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My concern is the landlord having a key to your apt.
I'm a landlord and have keys to all my units, though
the law says I have to give notice first, but I can make
up an excuse like...I'm looking for a water leak.
It can happen.

I have a good friend who got busted because the landlord
made a visit while he was away and seen lights in a cabinet.
Landlord dropped the dime immediately and the cops arrested

Change the lock, it could buy you some valuable time. If
that were me I wouldn't say a darn thing. Maybe watch
how big their eyes get when I ask them for a bud to turn


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changed both locks 2 days from moving in last year, i am the only one with keys. He would have to break in. Besides, the guy who does all the maintenance around here i smoke with on a daily bases.

I dont feel paranoid at all, so thats a good thing. Out of the 20 apts up here, 15 of the people smoke mj, and always ask if i want to smoke up with them.

I still dont want anyone to know, so im still going to build the windowbox as soon as i get the extra cash for a good vent and scrubber.
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