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Ventilation and temp control plan

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Hey all,

Setting up a new room and wanted a "sanity check" to my plan here.

Current temp tent is set up (Plants in Veg): RH runs H 68% - L 60% (Rainy season here/tropics) Temp H 82f - L 75f. I run lights off mid day when power is at a premium.

Permanent room: 14' x 11' with vaulted ceiling and 2 windows. Completely covering off 1 window. Other will be for ventilation.

1 5x10' tent and 1 4x8' tent. Both have 6" inline 440CFM fans with Carbon Scrubbers and Var controllers. Both will have passive intake.
Question: Should these be vented straight outside or into room first then vented outside to better dissipate smell? Room is a dulplex with 1 neighbor underneath on large property. I will use "Ona" in the room as needed.

Ventilation into room plan is 8" 740CFM fan at night and Window A/C during day (if needed) when it heats up a bit more in a couple months. Temperatures are pretty steady here and seldom go over 82f during the day.

Other info is OPS E&F systems with LED's. Will use Dehumidifier as/if needed.

Any helpful comments appreciated.

I was exhausting from my tent into my basement when I first set up the lab for the same reasons as you listed. The problem is it quickly heats up whatever room you are exhausting into bringing your ambient temps up. In addition any smell the carbon scrubber misses is better to be exhausted outside your house, as opposed to inside your house.
Hope that helps, any questions feel free to ask.
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kraw -

Ya - heat was the concern with venting back into the room then back out again "passively" .... to be honest I am more worried about smell out the window than I am in the house though..... and as I have never used a charcoal filter/Scrubber before I am not sure as to the actual effectiveness ..........

Not too worried... I can play around with it back and forth and see what works best. I just wanted to shoot this out there to see if I was missing anything that may be more obvious to the more experienced.

Thanks and Cheers,
Thats true, nothings in stone so you can always switch it up and see what works best for you. If your not using a carbon scrubber I would strongly urge you not to vent into your house, it will smell it up 2 weeks into flowering. If those are your two options I would vent outside. The problem with ozonators is that if used within close proximity to your plants they can actually greatly reduce the smell and taste of your final product. Just something to think about.
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Well - going directly outside after the filter for now.........

"Ona" is a masking product not an ozone gen. But not sure how that product may effect taste either if it is the same room as where the passive intake is...... thanks! I may have to "play" with it more than I thought and do the passive from directly outside as well. I can do that as long as the AC is not needed! Typical Day highs of 78 and low's of 65 at night according to weather dot com.

ahhhh but if no AC then I will lose the Dark time Temp Drop that I read is needed since I am running lights on from 8pm to 8am. And because of work and power prices here I really do need to run the lights at those times.

But now that you got me thinking about it.......Investing in one of those inline Ozone generators vs the Charcoal may be an option to try after the scrubbers start to wear "If" I keep going directly outside.......

Well..... guess i am just going to have to "pay to play" and find out the old fashion way :)

Thanks helping me "bounce" this....
Carbon scrubbers remove 99.5 % of the smell, mine vents into the house and visitors never smell anything.
Which is true, but you still have the issue of recirculating heat. The issue is Wiz doesn't have a carbon scrubber, I personally would also reccommend it.
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Kraw..... NO, each tent has its own scrubber :) I was just worried as to their effectiveness when blowing it straight outside. I got that answered now :)

Edit: Removed a question I already figured out :)