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Ventilation, Newbie needs help


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I have my first grow room. It is a spare bedroom, which is 9' x 15'. Currently I have 8 plants, with 2- 48" fluorescents (well 2 bulbs per light fixture). I plan to eventually add 2 more lights, same type and double the number of plants. I have a cold air return in the room, along with one vent which is of course connected into my central A/C. It is currently summer here, today it was about 95 degrees F outdoors. I keep my house at a comfortable 72-75 indoors with the A/C (or heat in winter). Is it necessary for me to add more ventilation? Or is what I have enough? Oh I also have 2 windows in the room I open when the weather outdoors allows. I have attic access in this particular room, but am very reluctant to put in a permanent ventilation system. I do not want to have to explain to say my parents when they visit why there is noise coming from my spare room, ..or any other visitor. I use a occilating fan to keep it cool, and air moving in the room.

Can anyone share their views please?


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As long as your heat and RH are conducive to good growth, I don't see a need to make a change.

One thing that comes to mind as for venting is when the plants are in flower, they are gonna stink the place up... hopefully, right!

Also, I don't have a lot of knowledge w/flouros but, might be as you will need more lumens down the road!


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Thanks so much I appreciate it! I am sort of wating to see how bad the smell gets to see if I 'must' do more ventilation. I do rarely get visitors as I live in BFE as they say LOL. Hoping window openings and fans can help enough. I live in a VERY old house (160 yrs), with THICK walls so perhaps it won't be much of an issue.

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i know that you should have a very good ventilation for flowering, you dont want the air just to stay in the room, you want fresh air in and old air out! im not for sure so dont quote me on this, but if you dont have proper ventilation, you have a higher chance to get bud mold in the flowering stage, you should have some sort of ventilation, its good to have it clear out the air in the room in 5 minutes, and also for the smell there is carbon filters for that, they are pricey though, and the smell that i have noticed so far starts to stink real bad in week 4 - 5 of flowering!!! hope this helps

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