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Ventilation question


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I am just about finished setting up my first grow room. I have 10 600w mh/hps lights with air cooled hoods. I have the lights in 2 rows of 5 with a carbon filter at the beginning of each row and exhausting the air outside. It is a 12x24 room with an 8ft cieling and I have a 3 ton A/C heating and cooling unit. I also have a 700cfm intake fan. My concern is that I live in a northern climate and when my lights are off the intake fan is going to be pulling alot of cold air (in winter months) into my room. Should I have the intake fan turn off when the lights go off? Won't this lack of fresh air hurt my plants? Also I am trying to find some kind of Hepa filter to put on my intake to keep out bugs, contaminants etc but can't seem to find one that would fit on a 6in intake ducting. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any input


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Naw, no worries. Also live in a land with a 125 degree temperature change between Summer and Winter. When my room ignites, EVERYTHING comes on. Lights, three fans, scrubbers, humidifiers, radio - about 2KW just comes alive. Your girls won't miss the fresh air so much. With everything quiet and dark, your roots are at there best. And as far as buggies go, all ever used was a screen on the intake and outlet, and flytape in the chamber. Works for me! (Though constantly marvel at finding ladybugs in the light fixture when cleaning between grows). But then, never ran TEN ballasts at once, so, your mileage my very.

:50: This is me, trying to act like not impressed with a ten light grow.
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