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Venting Growroom


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Greetings fellow sons (and daughters!) of the soil.

Growroom dimensions: 8x6x8 = 384 sq/ft

1) Have a 12" in-line duct booster fan, moving 650 CFM. Put a 4" hole in the floor (venting to a much cooler basement) and attach a reducing coupling, will it still pull that much air?

2) Got two reflectors; one with a 8" fitting, the other 6". What would the sequence be? Inline fan>8>6>exhaust, or 8>6>fan>exhaust.

3) Thinking about getting a new ballast. Last heard, the digital, dimmable ballasts weren't quite as revolutionary as initial reports, with some saying they didn't last as long as good old magnetic ballasts. Is that still true? Whatcha think about the Virtual Sun 1000 watt digital electronic ballast? Any good?

Sure to have many more questions as this enterprise unfolds. Thanks for your help.
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