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Hi All,

Hope anyone can help.... I am at the final stages of completing my grow set up.

I have: In one room, 2x Secret Jardin DS120s and 1x Secret Jardin DS90 with each having there own 5" rhino rvk with acoustic ducting, passive intake - carbon filter and 600w hps and a 9" air moving fan inside the tent. So basically 1,800 watts in lighting and a few more watts for the fans and rvks and maybe even a heater when the temps drop in the next few months - the heater is 3kw oil filled but will only click on when the temps drop below 24 celcius and will keep this outside the tents and heat the whole room.

This is where I need advice:

I have cut a hole in the ceiling directly above each tent so I can vent the hot and moisture yukky air up through the ducting into the loft/attic

I have looked up in the loft and there is no soffit things and there is no chimney piece I can vent it to without some major disturbances with the neighbours and a real pain in the ass with getting breakers and breaking bricks out etc...

Is this fine to just vent to my attic? I am worried about 2 things

1) Moisture damaging the property and eventually leading to wood rot, mold etc....
2) Pork Choppers

The loft has insulation slabs on the flooring but other than that nothing much just a basic attic, I dont share this attic either this is just my own attic - i am a semi detached house and to be fair my neighbour attached to me is a pretty cool but quiet type polish guy.

Any advice means so much - please help me mateys.


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You will run into problems venting into the attic. Especially in winter or should I say during spring thaw when all the frost that collects up there in the winter begins to melt. I did the same thing in a detached garage I had at my last house. Thought I was being pretty slick venting up there until the first early spring morning when I walked into the garage and found it raining in there. Hopped on the step-ladder with a flashlight to take a look up there and it was a winter wonderland!

Even if you don't get very cold winters you will still have problems with moisture and then mold then dry rot.

You are going to have to find a way to vent it straight outside my friend to avoid problems.

Good luck.



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Thanks for your reply mate,

So what do you suggest is the best plan of action?

I have 3x 600w lights to vent somewhere :( Shall just one 600w light be ok to vent out the loft? one 600w blowing out of the slightly a-jar window in the room and the final light be vented out of the room into my hallway?

Its the only problem i have to solve now :(

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In my limited experience, venting outside is not really needed in small grows. I just have the exhaust going into the room next to my grow room, which then flows through that room, through a hallway, into another room and then back into the grow room. I found on a science Q&A web site that it would take over 10,000 leaves to support a single person in a sealed room, so I deduced that it would take 10,000 leaves to require ventilation. Basically, you don't need to add ventilation if you have 4 people (probably quite a few more) in a two bedroom house, so you shouldn't *need* to vent 40,000 leaves. Houses are designed to self ventilate, and we humans use far more oxygen than a plant uses CO2.

All I have is A/C to keep the temp good and a dehumidifier to keep the humidity good. So far my plants are doing fine.


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Avoid venting into the attic...just asking for problems...bear in mind that if you plan on venting without going thru a carbon filter...besides venting will be venting smell as well...never a good idea..especially in a semi...h00k...


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Sorry to go back over ground you've already covered- but is it not possible to make a vent, possibly on the attic end-wall near the peak? Even if you weren't venting your fans into the attic space, and even with the insulated ceiling, the heated space below is going to tend to cause some condensation issues and having airflow in the attic is a very good idea.


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what are the lowest temps expected during your grow?...if sub zero...not kewl for direct venting into attic...even running duct work thru a cold space would require insulating the duct work so as to not cause problems...guess a lil more climate info would help...cheerz...h00k...
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