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Venting out Window - Light and Temp Control Help


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Hey Friends,

I am looking for help in venting out my window.

My situation:
Ø 5x5 tent with 12 COB Vero29 V7's — setup is upstairs and has a mini clip fan + 18 inch fan on ceiling of tent + 6" carbon filter/fan combo.
Ø I have another tent 3x3 with 2 x T5 ballasts (2foot 4bulbs) with 2 mini clip fans. 1 is blowing above down on t5's, other is blowing on mother plant.
Anything else please ask

Both of these are venting into the same room as the tents are in. My window is taped overtop with pool liner to keep all the light out as I don't have blinds. Therefore the window isn't opened which is a drag because I could vent out that window and allow fresh air in.

I am looking for help with venting out my window but not allowing air in through on the side I am venting out or light. On the other side of the window there is another sliding window where I can let air in.

Right now I can't open the window as it pushes against my pool liner and the tape starts coming off and so does my pool liner.
I am only using masking tape and painters tape which hold up fine but won't if air is pushing against it.
I can't use stronger tape as I can't ruin the paint on walls.

I am looking for help on venting my tents and allowing air in while keeping all lights out.

Thank you!!!



Paint is cheap. Almost every apartment I have lived in has repainted the walls after I moved out. Usually it is minimal cost to deposit as this is normal wear and tear. That said, look at how portable air conditioners vent outside. You can take a board and drill a 6" hole in it for the ducting to exit. Then attach the exhaust ducts from your tents to the board, open the window, place board in the window track, and close window. You can cut a hole in the pool liner just slightly smaller than the 6" ducting to pass the ducting through to the board. There won't be any pressure on the pool liner since the air will be directly out the window and the window will still be sealed. Best of luck to you.
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