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-Welcome to the Verdant Acres-

The bulk of this grow will consist of strains I've received from @TurboBucket, hence part of the title to this grow. Kudos to you again man. I really appreciate it. The strains in question are OG Kush, by Dope Seeds, Chemdawg, by Humboldt Seed Organization, Gorilla Bomb, by Bomb Seeds, and Purple Trainwreck, also from Humboldt Seed Organization.

-[Breeder Descriptions]-
OG Kush- Dope Seeds:

"OG Kush is part of the genetic makeup of numerous Californian Cannabis strains but its own genetic history is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. Many people believe OG Kush is a cross of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush but the truth will never be fully known as the original OG Kush came from some bag seed. This strain formally only available as a clone only strain is now the most popular strain in California Marijuana dispensaries The effect of OG Kush is strong and unique with a very dank, slightly citrus aroma similar to fuel or strong detergent. The flavour of OG Kush is equally as strong and dank, with a long-lasting aftertaste. OG Kush is can stretch a little during growth but will start to fill out during flowering. Normally, OG Kush will grow to 70 to 100 cm. OG buds are huge and very dense with a lime green colouring and tons of resin. OG Kush has been used by medical patients to reduce the effects of migraines and is also known to be effective in combatting stress disorders. "

Chemdawg- Humboldt Seed Organization:

"Chemdawg has developed an incredible reputation in the US where it is said to be the male parent line of OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Headband. It is a sativa-dominant strain that exudes a powerful perfume which combines the aromas of pineapple with diesel/petrol.
Chemdawg boasts a particularly powerful effect, which is not recommended for novices, with THC levels that consistently achieve the figure of 20%. Indoors it will be ready to crop in just 9 weeks of flowering whereas outdoors harvest time will be the beginning of October."

Gorilla Bomb- Bomb Seeds:

"As a Sativa dominant hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue#4 and THC Bomb, the immediate effect of smoking Gorilla Bomb is uplifting and energetic. The powerful head rush will continue to roll over you in waves until you are firmly settled in to a deep relaxing euphoria. But be warned, this is not classed as one of the strongest strains on the planet for fun! If you continue to hit on this, it will very quickly stick you to your couch like its famous namesake Gorilla Glue.
The flavour is a superb blend of sweet and sour chocolate, followed by the distinct fuel after-tang thanks to its diesel heritage. This taste is initially quite subtle but really builds in the mouth so the exhale has a very potent flavour."

Purple Trainwreck- Humboldt Seed Organization:

"Purple Trainwreck is a cannabis hybrid that smells of citrus and slightly hot spices. The flavour offers intense hints of lemon, pine and lavender. Devastating, cerebral, invigorating and psychedelic at first, the effect of this cannabis seed develops into a powerful long-lasting feeling of relaxation on a second stage. "

-[About the Grow]-

Grow Medium: I took a page out of @farside05's journal by constructing his fabled Faux-Mix®. He has a write up on how to put it together located Here, so I did not document the process. The gals are currently sitting in 1 gallon plastic pots, once they grow big and strong, I'm thinking I'm going to take and cut clones off from them, and do individual runs, although I'm not sure yet. Time will tell.

Nutrients: I'll be feeding the gals MegaCrop, and supplementing with CalMag if needed.

Lighting: I'm illuminating this grow with my new BudgetLED Series 3 Samsung LM301H 500w 3000k grow light. (An early Christmas gift for me, yey!) I have the light sitting at 36" above the "canopy" and it's dimmed down to about 200-250w. I'll gradually increase the power to it as the days go by.

Power100-500 Watts
LED DiodesSamsung LM301H
Flowering Footprint4.5' x 4.5'
Veg Footprint6' x 6'
Dimensions26" x 20" x 3"
Recommended Mounting Height24-36 inches above canopy

Without further delay, It's picture time. I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures, I was excited and got everything in place before I thought about it.
Day One.jpg
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Hopefully they treat you well. They should love their new home. A lot better than their alternative certainly haha.
They seem to be enjoying their new home well enough. The OG Kush looks like she has the potential to an absolute beast of a plant.


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Also, my brother picked me up a pack of seeds, because he gets free smoke off me cause I love him or something. :17: They came with a bonus pack of Hindu Kush seeds too.

So, if they actually pop for me and I get a good female I'll have some Sour Tangie, and Hindu Kush if you're interested. After the holidays I'm going to try my hand at making a cloner.


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As I said before, the bulk of this journal is going to be for the four clones in the 3x3. But! I don't feel like running two threads, so I'll be posting other grow related stuff in here too.

We have the first signs of life for the Sour Tangie!


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I left that last comment pretty vague. I was just waking up, had a puff and some go go juice (coffee) into my system.

if you don’t mind, I will tag along in this one. I read you were mimicking turbos and farsides methods. I have no doubt you will knock these genetics out the park! :high-five:


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I left that last comment pretty vague. I was just waking up, had a puff and some go go juice (coffee) into my system.

if you don’t mind, I will tag along in this one. I read you were mimicking turbos and farsides methods. I have no doubt you will knock these genetics out the park! :high-five:
Absolutely welcome to tag along. The more the merrier. And I got the gist of the first post, vague or not. :headbanger:

Well, I can't argue with the success of their grows, and mimicry is the best form of flattery.
Farsides medium was a no brainer because I enjoy saving money where I can, and I like playing in "dirt". Same principle applies to the MegaCrop.

And Turbo's had some beautiful runs with these genetics, so if I can come even close to where he's taken them I'll be happy.

All in all I'm feeling really good about this grow, and I'm happy to have plants growing again. Tending the Garden has become one of my favorite forms of zen.


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-[Week 1 Update]-

Well, I'm a couple days late for my update. I'm going to try keeping the updates to Saturday, unless I'm feeling extra.
So, despite my scale dying, making my MegaCrop feedings a bit Inconsistent, the ladies are absolutely loving their new home. Even if they aren't up to full Verdancy yet.
The OG Kush is by far my favorite looking plant so far, she hit the Faux-Mix® and never looked back. But all of the ladies are making strides.
I have two other plants in there, and they are both living the MegaCrop/BudgetLED combo. I have to show off the one girl I've dubbed "Snickers" cause she is thicker than a Snickers, I've never seen such a thick bottomed lady before. She is a random Indica dominant hybrid. My buddy gave me her seed when he found out I was starting a new grow.

The other one is from the same stock of seeds as my first grow. I'm using her for the sake of science. You might not be able to tell by looking at her, but she is my first attempt at a quad line. I need to clean both her and Snickers up a little bit because they have the Cabbage Effect going on. So bushy, so lovely.
As far as the environment is going, the BudgetLED is keeping the tent a steady 72-74f which is great for me, because my basement is around 65f. Humidifier is keeping it around 40rh, I'm having a hard time getting it up without shutting the extraction fan off completely. Any advice would be swell.

-[Photo Dump]-

The Bucket List comparison photo. The day they were transferred into "soil", and today's picture.

OG Kush top view.

Chemdawg top view.

Gorilla Bomb top view.

Purple Trainwreck top view.

And this lovely lady, is Snickers.


And Test Subject: Despoina.

Lastly, a family group shot.
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