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Vermicomposting FAQ


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Hey there everyone. So with the huge push towards people being more self reliable and growing more organically, vermicomposting is starting to really catch on around the country. I personally have always grown organically but never had a worm composter until recent. I have done lots of reading and research to make sure i don't screw this up. But reading is only part of the battle, doing is the other half.

I would like to start a thread here to help people like me get some answers from people who have been vermicomposting for a long time and know what and what not to do. So lets get to it!!!!

If you are a seasoned worm farmer, please share your tips and ways of working your farm. Maybe show what style of bin you have. How to make it if it was DIY. What are some foods you have found that the worms love, hate, or kill them even. What is your favorite bedding material? Information like this can really help some new farmers out there.

Thank you a head of time for anyone who takes the time to share this valuable information. It is up to us to help stop the pollution of our planet with all of the trash we put into landfills, and the bottled chemicals we put onto our farm fields. Mother Nature ran things perfectly fine before we came through and screwed it all up. And she did it with worms. They are the ones who have been feeding the plants for millions of years. Worm farming is something every household can do to help this beautiful planet.

P.S. Admins, if this is not the place for this thread, please move to appropriate area. Thank you!!!!
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