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Vermont To Study Legalizing Cannabis

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Vermont leaders will study the potential impact of legalizing marijuana, including "possible taxing systems" for the drug, and will take a close look at how the Colorado and Washington experiments have gone. The Associated Press reports that the study, which will be undertaken by the administration of Gov. Peter Shumlin, is due to Vermont lawmakers by January 2015. Shumlin aide Jeb Spaulding told AP writer Dave Gram that it's time to examine marijuana legalization and its potential impact. "I know that we're going to take it seriously and we'll probably do a pretty thorough study," he said. Shumlin has said repeatedly he wants to watch what happens in Colorado and Washington before deciding whether legalization is a good idea for Vermont. Spaulding cautioned that January, when his agency's report is due, may be too soon to give a definitive answer.


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Source: Oregonlive.com
Author: Noelle Crombie
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Website: Marijuana news: Vermont to study legalizing pot | OregonLive.com
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