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Vertical grow in soil


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I have seen many vertical grows which seem a very efficient way to use electric use a 2m tent then put 30 cm wide shelving to cover all walls, this shelving will shrink tent to 1.4m by 1.4m, then fill shelves with plants in soil, any size pots but larger plants will make available space in your tent smaller. After this set up have one thousand watt on a pully system (using a light mover attached through the pully by a stringattached 1000w sodium light through a small hole in top of tent so that it moves up and down. You would need correct size shelving and plants so the light would remain the right distance from the plant while going up and down all of them i seen so far have been hydropinic, aeroponic or fogponic. Does anyone see any problems using soil? You could use wet vac with Lance to vacuum up run off water and Lance to water feed plants could
leave a small crawl hole in front of tent by leaving bottom shelf or shelves out, an adjustable ballast would be good here so the 1000w light can be dropped to 250w to prevent burn on plants when you turn the motor off with the light at the top of the tent so you can enter without burning yourself, would leave tons of space to move around and tend your plants
efficiency would be great as light would have no shade and it would give 360 degree throw of light also movement of light would keep Temps down, you could also have a fan on the ground point up to blow hot air up towards carbon filter(hung verticaly) in top corner so it don't bur on light.
I would be very grateful if you could point out problems with this and things I missed. Thanks
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