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Vertical splitting

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I have seen the term "vertical splitting" used a number of times and gather it is a technique used to control height and strengthen stems. What I don't know is how and when to do it, and what are the expected benefits? Can anyone help me out on this?


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HHmmm...vertical splitting is a new term for me.lol I know when I have super cropped the stem almost always developes a vertical split but it's a result from squishing the pulp and bending the stem over. Not done intentionally. I've never lost a branch yet from it hapening and the plant developes what I call a knuckle at the split site as it heals. I dry and cut those branches to use as back sratchers. :3:
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Hiya Racefan. The term is a new one for me too. Up until now I have been using the same super cropping technique as you. I first saw the mention of vertical splitting on a clip on Youtube called "Arjan's Ultra Haze". This clip was a timeframe of his preparation for the HTCC in 2006, which he went on to win (under his banner of Greenhouse Seeds). It was either Arjan or Franco who mentioned vertical splitting. At first I thought it referred to "topping" the plants before inducing flowering, but after I thought it may mean a technique of actually splitting the stem in some fashion to produce two leaders (but when is it done?). I also saw mention of it on another site but I'm buggered if I can remember which one. If you can, could you check out the Youtube clip and see if you can make any sense of it?
Thanks mate.
ps I love this forum. I printed out the advice you gave me on potency and have it in my reference folder.
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