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Vertical vs. Horizontal....


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I'll be starting a new grow soon and was considering hanging my light vertically? I have 3 4x4x7 tents and I'm not sure if it will work the way I want it to! My good friend grows this way but in a 10x10x8 with 2 1000w with the plants in a figure 8. His yields are triple mine per plant. I usually get anywhere from 3-5 oz. per plant. He gets 12-15 all day long... Granted his are bigger but he claims mine will be similar if I tried vertically. Any takes on this. Not sure I'll have the room? Will have to just hang the bulb cause I'm not buying new shit again! Have a nice set up now but looking for an improvement without killing myself or wallet. Looking forward to hearing your responses. Happy Growing!!!!


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I use vertical bulbs in parabolic hoods during the winter months in veg. I've used them in bloom too, but the buds lacked density so I stopped. Just my experience. I do love the way they perform in veg and they are very cool running all around.
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