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Very healthy 3 1/2 ft outdoor plant. Is it too late to top it? It is only June.


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I started indoors for a good month and then transplanted them outside. It grew tremendously well and is about 3 1/2 - 4 ft. tall. Right now it only has one main stem with a bunch of grow shoots. Can I top or fim it at this point or should I just let it go? I would like more than one Cola. Somebody pleeeeease help!


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I'm no expert outdoor grower, but after all those views and no answers, I just had to pipe up. :3:

If the plant hasn't begun the flip - if it's still merrily vegging away, then heck yeah, you can train it any way you like, it seems to me. It shouldn't be different than an indoor grow.

The key is whether it's in full veg or not. If it is - go for it. :thumb:


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Thank you Graytail! I think tomorrow I'm gonna try it out! Hey, it can't hurt. Up here in Upstate NY we still have a good 4-5 months left for the grow season. I think it'll do just fine. Thanks for the input!


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Yes, you still can top it as you're gonna see preflowers around mid August.
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