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Very important information about cooking temperatures and conversion amounts


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I created these lists to help when choosing amounts and temperatures for cannabis cooking and titration

This guide helps show what happens at certain temperatures so that you do not cook off any THC or fail to infuse

Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius Use Science in short

220 F /105 C Potency Preparation Decarboxylation occurs to its greatest potential

325-350 F / 160-175 C Cooking Bonds THC to fatty molecules

350-390 F / 175-200 Vaporizing and smoking THC boils/vaporizes from the plant material and becomes airborne

Obviously the list below is relative, if your recipe calls for one oz of leaves and trip you can substitute 1/4 oz of Kief, if however it calls for 1 oz of stems and leaves you know to substitute with 1/8 oz kief or hash

Extraction Material Equivalents Mild Potency Strong potency
Stems and Leaves 2 OZ 4 OZ
Leaves and Trim from Buds 1 OZ 2 OZ
Regular Cannabis Buds 1/2 OZ 1 OZ
Powerful Cannabis, Kief, or Hash 1/4 OZ 1/2 OZ

Salted versus Unsalted Butter for cannabutter
(Salted butter is good for cooking and stove top applications reaching higher temperatures as the Salt raises the boiling point. Unsalted butter is better for baking and sauces cooked at lower temperatures)

Never microwave Cannabis, it changes the molecules behavior and the effects can be unpredictable, often demolishes potency.
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Making my first ever batch today and 9 out of 10 recipes I've read just say to simmer it (around 100C or 220F). Glad I found this very important bit of info! Cheers :thumb:
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