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Very new to extraction


The wife got me one of these for Christmas (god love her]
But i dont have a clue about them?
I have googled and yahooed looking for video or instructions but all i find os where to by them
Please if anyone has used or knows a link or just knows more then what i do, i would love you some advice please


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make sure you understand the process completely
BHO is not for the inexperienced and can be quite dangerous if you don't know what you're doing

I second this...

BHO can be extremely dangerous and even in professional labs, accidents can still happen when people don't follow strict procedures...

Butane used for extractions does not contain oderants therefore you can not smell when it is around, and it is heavier than air so it pools along the ground like water. A single spark can set a violent explosion off and cause severe burns and damage to your surroundings.

I am not an advocate of making BHO unless you:
A) are in a professional lab that is Class 1, Division 1 rated (explosion proof/intrinsically safe) or in your situation outdoors and away from flame, heat, sparks, electronics, or static electricity...
B) using Engineer Peer Reviewed and ASTM certified equipment,
C)know exactly what you are doing,
D) Use 99.99 pure N-Butane
E) know exactly how to purge your product correctly,
F) dispose of the cans of butane in an environmentally friendly way

Therefore if you choose to do BHO extractions... I suggest reading everything you can about making it, read everything you can about Butane safety, wear PPE gear, read Butane SDS sheets, work outside away from any sources of heat, flame or spark.
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